What is Fast DMS?

Fast DMS is a platform that matches mechanical engineers with manufacturers to get custom parts made fast.

Mechanical engineers submit parts that they need made to Fast DMS. We analyze the parts and get a few quotes from shops whose skillsets perfectly match up. Then, after the engineer OKs the quote, we get the parts made and chase them all the way to your dock. Each order is hand delivered same day!

Why We’re Doing This

Fast DMS was built because a group of mechanical engineers were sick of wasting time quoting parts and then waiting weeks for them to arrive.

What are the reasons for the perceived ‘delays’ in a typical manufacturing cycle? As you probably already know, it isn’t the machine run time. This is by no means the fault of the shops, though. They are simply running their businesses as well as possible with the tools they have. Even still, after speaking with many shops, up to 95% of the time from PO to delivery is not spent on actually working on any aspect of the job. They are waiting for material, tools, machine time, personnel time, and coatings and other subcontract operations.

This is exactly what we want to change! Fast DMS was born to create a different future, where lead-time is as close to machine run-time as possible.

How It’s Done

Shops have unique skillsets, assets, material stocks, and workloads. Because Fast DMS has the time to gather in-depth knowledge about how individual shops operate, we efficiently match jobs with shops that have the appropriate availability.

When our users engage Fast DMS, they have more time to innovate.