How much does it cost?

The prices that you see are the prices that you pay, with the exception of coating, plating, and painting that will be in addition to the listed prices.

What file type is best to use?

Parasolid (.x_t) for the model and .pdf for the drawing are the best filetypes to use. You may also use sldprt, igs, iges, step, dwg, x_t, x_b, stp for the model.

What kind of industries do you serve?

Commercial Automation, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, as well as some consumer products. This community of shops has depth in many fields.

How does purchasing work?

To purchase parts through Fast DMS, you send Fast DMS a purchase order, and we pay the shops. This is the most convenient way for you.

What is the “soonest ship date”?

Soonest ship date is the measurable piece of information about the shop’s current workload. This is how we guage the ebb and flow of the shop’s busyness.

How do the NDAs work?

If you choose to include an NDA, each shop will be required to electronically sign it by checking a checkbox and filling in their PARTY B name. You will essentially have a 2 way NDA with each shop that wants to quote the parts. If you get a quote back, the shop has been required to electronically sign the NDA. Whether or not including an NDA in your RFQ is beyond the scope of this answer. With that said, requiring an NDA is a barrier that slightly reduces the number of shops quoting your job. Please don’t hesitate contact us if you have more specific questions!