How much does it cost?

Fast DMS is free for manufacturers. Just pay it forward to the engineer and give them a great ship date at a decent price!

How do I win jobs?

We focus on speed, so really quote your best lead times. That is the simplest explaination.

With that said, we try to only send you jobs that you will succeed at. That way we only need to send parts to 2-3 shops to see who has the best availability.

How do I submit my quote?

When a job comes though that matches up with your shop’s strengths, we will send you an email with a link. That link allows you to access the associated model and drawing, as well as enter in your lead time and price.

Use the link that you are emailed to submit your quote. Also, that link is unique to you, so do not share it.

How do you know my strengths?

We start with a phone conversation and basically “take notes” on what you like and what your shop is tailored to. As we work together more, we learn about you more.

How do I get paid?

The purchasing process is exactly the same as normal. You will receive a PO from the engineer or from Fast DMS and work out your regular terms and conditions at that time.

What is the “soonest ship date”?

Soonest ship date is the measurable piece of information about your shop’s current workload. This is how we gauge the ebb and flow of your shop’s busyness. Your experience using Fast DMS will be highly correlated to how accurately you use this field.